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!!! K.A. BAYBEH!

SO APPARENTLY.... going out to drink in Glastonbury is a really. really. Good idea! :D Met up with a couple of peeplez I know and meeting some random stragglers from Netherlands & Arizona, along with some other regular Glastonites and also having a lot of cider WOOOOOO! :D It was an Open Mic night at King Arthur and some good stuff happened- the first girl up, Polly, with her gee-tar, sang a song about dust mites having a party and then sang a song about frogs! :D

It still feels weird telling people about "my boyfriend" cause [A]: I never thought I would and certainly never wanted to have one of those ever again in my whole life- it still feels so strange to refer to someone in that way after so long of not having it & deciding that I never would, and [B]: he's ... Well. can someone who's 40 years old still be a "boyfriend"? It feels like such a ...teenage way to describe someone XD

I got the bus back here from Heathrow on Monday night and ended up sitting next to a guy who lives here and we were having a good chat and a laugh and he wants to do my astrology chart, LOLZ, and we traded numbers [I felt okay with this because he mentioned having a girlfriend so I knew he wasn't someone trying to be a sleaze [makes a change!], it was just a good honest chat and we made horrific fun of the more extreme American accents :D]

Also. It just feels good to be alive right now. can't describe it but... HEY HEY HEY! HO HUM. I think it might be a Slightly-more-than-slightly-intoximacated-Primate Bedtime. Naaaaaaarrrrf!

Also, FLAAAAAAAME has taken me on and I will be being a Goblin/pixie at one of the kids' birthday parties she does and I'm gonna actually get PAID for dressing up, being silly, and rolling around doing a treasure hunt. YES. YES.


I like making random sounds. Especially cat or sheep ones.

Am pretty sure I meant to say something else but ... it's gone. GONE! Lost unto the winds of cider!


Apr. 19th, 2012 12:08 am (UTC)
Yay happy Monkey!


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