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!!! K.A. BAYBEH!

SO APPARENTLY.... going out to drink in Glastonbury is a really. really. Good idea! :D Met up with a couple of peeplez I know and meeting some random stragglers from Netherlands & Arizona, along with some other regular Glastonites and also having a lot of cider WOOOOOO! :D It was an Open Mic night at King Arthur and some good stuff happened- the first girl up, Polly, with her gee-tar, sang a song about dust mites having a party and then sang a song about frogs! :D

It still feels weird telling people about "my boyfriend" cause [A]: I never thought I would and certainly never wanted to have one of those ever again in my whole life- it still feels so strange to refer to someone in that way after so long of not having it & deciding that I never would, and [B]: he's ... Well. can someone who's 40 years old still be a "boyfriend"? It feels like such a ...teenage way to describe someone XD

I got the bus back here from Heathrow on Monday night and ended up sitting next to a guy who lives here and we were having a good chat and a laugh and he wants to do my astrology chart, LOLZ, and we traded numbers [I felt okay with this because he mentioned having a girlfriend so I knew he wasn't someone trying to be a sleaze [makes a change!], it was just a good honest chat and we made horrific fun of the more extreme American accents :D]

Also. It just feels good to be alive right now. can't describe it but... HEY HEY HEY! HO HUM. I think it might be a Slightly-more-than-slightly-intoximacated-Primate Bedtime. Naaaaaaarrrrf!

Also, FLAAAAAAAME has taken me on and I will be being a Goblin/pixie at one of the kids' birthday parties she does and I'm gonna actually get PAID for dressing up, being silly, and rolling around doing a treasure hunt. YES. YES.


I like making random sounds. Especially cat or sheep ones.

Am pretty sure I meant to say something else but ... it's gone. GONE! Lost unto the winds of cider!


May. 1st, 2012 07:36 am (UTC)
yes yes yes yes! I was scared for a little while thinking "rent rent rent, can't buy pretty things in case no job comes" etc... just decided that worrying just doesn't help and is really pointless, and lookee here wossapp'n'd! :D

Hahaha, thanks! I think so too ^_^


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