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Mary moved to West Virginia.......

I didn't know people could find out what stuff people search for until liselotte_e started saying what weird things get put into searches to end up at her site. [still don't get how that can actually happen, it's a pretty impossible thing to do! I mean, if people end up at my LJ after searching for "shitty kitten blossom frogfaced rainbows" how the hell do you investigate that sort of thing?! I don't even know how you'd start to find that kinda shit out!]

So I am pretty much delighted that someone somewhere working for a search engine will know that I typed in "Shallow Gravy Jacket". It's probably not one of the most bizzarre search texts, seeing as a lot of people may search for freaked out shit like "stinky foot pussy bitch nocturnal" or some other such random crap, but if you don't know the reference, it'll probably make someone with a boring office job looking through searches go ".....wtf?!" And if they actually search for SHALLOW GRAVY JACKET in their curiosity and intrigue, as you should, they would be immensely rewarded with awesome! As opposed to what you'd get if you searched for "stinky foot pussy bitch nocturnal" which may likely be horrible and coated entirely with the sugarless ungrantable desire to unsee it, just like the evil arrow in the FedEx sign. Even though I just made that phrase up and 2% of me would love to search for to see what happens, I'm the other 98% scared of it.

If someone working for the search engine actually got the reference before clicking on Shalloww Gravy Jacket, I'd highly encourage them to email me [I mean.... they can find out what I searched for, so surely they must be able to find out where to reach me, both are equally as unlikely but apparently possible] because. dude. Anyone who knows that reference without having to search for it is pretty much a god. I discovered today that although I'd love to do all my favorite characters' voices [anyone who knows me who knows me knows that doing a character voice of someone like Cartman, Dean Venture or Chris Griffin is one of my DreamJobs™] ....... Tim-Tom and Kevin are the only ones I can pull off realistically besides 24 & Cnl Gentleman so far. THERE ARE SO MANY. I want to be able to do Dean! And Hank! And Rusty! And Hatred! For some reason especially Hatred! And the Monarch! And BROCK AND HUNTER AND TRAISTER.... okay I can do Shore Leave but that's only cause he's Generic!GayGuy™ and I've been perfecting that for years. BOOM! ;P

Pretty much... this is the lamest "I haven't posted for ages and this is all I could come up with" post. but. seriously. I am working on a major epic!postface... it just gots ta be finizzled. Ized. Etc.

In the meantime, while I'm trying to wordalize April through July's odd happenings to write up in a neat little packywackage for you, I think you should watch Raising Hope. It's pretty Darn Good.


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Jul. 9th, 2012 03:51 pm (UTC)
I often go "THE MIGHTY MONARCH!!!" in The Monarch voice, but nobody ever gets it...
Jul. 11th, 2012 01:44 pm (UTC)
HA! Their loss :P The Monarch is totally amazing and fucked up, I love him so much XD

Just realized I have no VB LJ icons. MUST BE RECTIFIED!
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