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Jun. 20th, 2016 07:00 pm (UTC)
Ahahahaha no that was when I was super sick and still trying to work and I passed out and fell down some stairs XD I have been wondering about you for a while, when I went looking for you on FB one day because I hadn't seen anything from you in ages, and you were not where you used to be :( SO IT IS GOOD TO SEE THAT YOU ARE STILL IN EXISTENCE. What are you doing now? Where are you living and what has been occurring in your life and so forth?!

Not much is up with meeeee, I had an idiot boss who made me redundant and hasn't paid me because she's also a total cunt, but I went on holiday to the States and had an amazing time and met a boy and now I'm thinking about moving there because why not lol.
Jun. 30th, 2016 06:47 am (UTC)
GAAAHA! I AM! My facefuck[s!] kept getting shut down because of not using my real name.... but the assbandits refused to believe that I was called Monkey to begin with so I had no CHOICE but to use a fake name, etc etc aaaand pretty much cunts. ^_^
I'm still on PooTube though, Ha!

Living in Erith [Kent. I'd never heard of it before either]... it's shit and I'm smelling a migration to Glastonbury in the air. After my mom died and I got burgled then thrown out [GOOD TIMES!], this was the only place both affordable and available immediately but don't know any fuckers who live within an hour's journey. :/
Many friends do I have in Glasto. :)

ERMAGHERD WHERE IN TEH-MERICAH?!? And I agree, why not!!! [Well. there is one reason why not but he's just as bad as what we've got over here so you'd be no worse off.... at least there would be better views, cheaper buffets and a lovely boything to take the edge off. I SAY DOOO IIIIITTTTT!] <3 <3


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