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++Little Deaths In Musical Beds ::

[[Till It Seems I'm Someone I Never Met]]

Kody Chuck Kane [AKA Bubba Moonpie]
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"I'd rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I'm not."

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3wff, a fine frenzy, animal feet and noses, aven, avoiding food, baby animals, being alone, being punched, being the *real* delirium, black '67 chevy impala, bleeding!dean, bobby singer, boys in dresses, boys in make-up, boys kissing boys, boys with *good* tattoos, boys with blow-job-smeared lipstick, breathplay, cheesy bad pop music, comedy, contradicting oneself, crazy makeup, dark places, david mitchell, dean winchester, dean with a knife, dean/jared, delicious weasley twincest, dressing up awesomely, festivals, flashing multicolored star-shaped lights, flight of the conchords, forever the spinster uncle, froudism, hippy-dippy dreamy music, j2, j2 phone s3xx0rz, jensen ackles, joshua radin, jsquared, julian barratt, jupiter rising, kaz 2y5, key west, matt berry, mock the week, murray hewitt, pierced boys, pointed hats, rich fulcher, richard ayoade, sandwiches, sc, solitude & silence, spn, spn fic, stompy thrashy metal music, sweden, swordplay, temperatures above 80, tents, the boosh boys, the frouds, the janitor from scrubs, the lion man, the olden times, theater, those sly secret smiles, turk & jd's gay-ungayness, vegetarian stuff, watering plants, wicked the musical, world of froud, yellow